Zee Cute dates rich men! Maisha Magic and Dosari actress Zee Cute reveal

Who is Zee Cute husband? She says that only men with money get a one-night stand. 

zee cute at wasafi radio
zee cute at wasafi radio

In an interview with Global TV and Bana Africa, Tanzanian music artist Zee Cute, who is currently performing on the Dosari Drama Show that airs on Maisha Magic Bongo, Dstv, revealed a lot about his personal life and artistic life.

She tells her fans that she is unmarried and does not expect to be, because she wants to be free forever.

Zee Cute broke the news, stating that men today should not be relied upon, as they tend to exploit women and then abandon them.

The men will also limit her freedom by requiring her to seek permission before taking any significant actions.

zee cute
zee cute

The Lindi region artist explained that she is busy with music. Regarding her feelings, she stated that she is currently only interested in dating wealthy men. ‘I’m only looking for people with money,” she said.

“Those who lack financial means should leave my TL.” I’m not looking for Mr. Right for marriage, courtship, or relationships. In an interview with Bana Africa in Arusha, she stated, “Kuja Tumalizane basi!”

The actress-composer has songs such as Nakuja, Nataka, Kama Pele, and Nitalia.

She has performed at various parties, including I’m in Love, Haiwezekani, and Bado, among others. She has been singing since 2018. 

zee cute and lody
zee cute and lody

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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