Wasp waist curvy Bonareri actress leaked photos made her popular to finish parent’s house

Kisii tiktoker Bonareri actress trending photos made her famous and bagged many deals

bonareri actress
bonareri actress

Kisii TikToker Bonareri, who captivated men with her slim, wasp-like waist, began working to build a home for her parents.

The actress and social media personality thanked God for enabling her to post a video of the construction on social media. The video revealed that the wall construction was nearly finished.

Fans also saw the mud-walled homes that Bonareri’s parents currently live in.

In an interview with Bana Africa, Bonareri said that she and her siblings began construction on the home in January.

“Like many other Kenyans, I wanted to see my parents live a better life,” she added, adding that it had always been her ambition to see them in better living circumstances. We had a modest upbringing, so I want them to feel at ease.”

The voluptuous beauty said that building hadn’t been a straightforward feat.

“Our greatest obstacle to date has been finances,” said Bonareri. But when you hit a roadblock, you look for additional funding and keep going.

After giving up her career as a video vixen due to poor pay, Bonareri said, “Anything is possible if you work for it,” which inspired many Kenyans hoping to construct homes for their parents. Remain hopeful.

Bonareri leaked photos on Telegram Channels

Bonareri gained attention after her boyfriend leaked videos and photos.

The Tiktoker Bonareri actress released photos that quickly went viral online! They were first posted by Thika Superhighway Leaks, a popular Telegram channel.

The leaked photos show the Kisii actress taking selfies without clothes.

Her Instagram account displays images of her receiving proposals, to which she affirmatively responds. She reportedly sent the photos to her partner.

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