[VIDEO] CMB Prezzo faints at Bahati’s reality TV show debut, friends blame witchcraft

CMB Prezzo fainted at the launch of the Bahati’s Reality TV Show Yesterday where DP Rigathi Gachagua was gracing the Occasion.

jackson makini alias cmb prezzo
jackson makini alias cmb prezzo

CMB Prezzo fainted at the launch of Bahati’s reality TV show yesterday, where DP Rigathi Gachagua was gracing the occasion.

CMB Prezzo fainted at the Bahatis event, causing his close friends to fear for his health. A few weeks ago, Stivo Simple Boy fainted and could not recount or fathom what went wrong during an interview on Citizen TV. 

The 10 over 10 live show featured an interview with Stivo Simple prior to his collapse. The event organisers welcomed CMB Prezzo to the party before he went down.

Famous people were in attendance, including DP Rigathi Gachagua. The incident shocked several MPs who accompanied Gachagua to the event, and they blamed stress and their way of life for it.

Fans online could not stop after watching the video. 

“You’re supposed to talk to someone and reassure them; tell them what’s happening and lay them in recovery position; don’t crowd around because they need oxygen; and record what happens and how long it is.

“If it goes on for anything close to 10 minutes, you should call an ambulance or rush them to the hospital. If someone is having regular seizures, they always should have emergency Midazolam, which can help manage seizures,” @ikikosi posted on X.

“That is a tonic clonic seizure episode; the public needs some basic training in handling seizures. All that is happening there is wrong; it looks like African witchcraft,” @Machwara said on X.

“That’s an epileptic seizure. Lie on the side. Loosen his clothes, don’t restrain, and don’t put funny things in his mouth. If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, call a doctor; otherwise, let him be,” another posted.

“Definitely a seizure. When the nerve cells in the brain are interrupted, they lead to a seizure. Causes include low blood sugar, alcohol, or drug withdrawal,” @Kioko posted on X.

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