TikToker Hannah Benta video leaks, NairobiLeaks exposes onlyfan accounts

TikToker Hannah Benta onlyfans account content leaked by a subcriber. Watch Hannah Benta leaked videos on Nairobi leaks telegram channel.

hannah benta onlyfans
hannah benta onlyfans

Online exposure has uncovered popular TikToker Hannah Benta, who played a significant role in Brian Chira’s funeral sendoff. According to reports, Hannah Benta opened an OnlyFan account to boost her sales, given the poor performance of TikTok.

Hannah Benta’s video leaks show how she handled different sizes of “hoods,” getting to the drainage crack while twerking with it inside. 

Tiktoker Hannah Benta’s close friend leaked her intimate videos without clothes, accusing her of snatching her boyfriend.

Netizens praised her move, but they also pointed out that she should make better moves, unlike popular Onlyfan and top-earning member Alicia Kanini.

Hannah Benta played a significant role in Brian Chira’s burial, but she later criticised Baba Talisha for swindling money meant for the burial. Hannah Benta furiously took to social media, accusing Baba Talisha of refusing to hand over the cash to Brian Chira’s grandmother. 

Yesterday, more videos of Hannah Benta rocked online, with fans now wanting the popular tiktoker to state if she has joined OnlyFans or if it’s just a rumour. 

hannah benta
Hannah Benta

Hannah Benta, speaking to Bana Africa, stated, “I have decided to join OnlyFans because I have seen friends earning more than the combined revenues from social media.” OnlyFans offers better subscription rates, and I aim to start withdrawing more dollars in August 2024.

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Written by Jared Karanja

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