Tanzanian actress Mulky Salum and Isarito Mwakalindile reveal TV love secrets

Who is Mulky Salum, alias Femi, or Hidaya’s husband? Are Mulky Salum and Isarito dating? Let’s delve into Mulky and Isarito’s love secrets.

isarito lucas and femi mulky
isarito lucas and femi mulky

Tanzanian Best Actor 2021 and Best East African Actor 2023, Isarito Mwakalindile, reveals his life in acting and rumours about dating Mulky Salum, his colleague in acting.  Isarito Mwakalindile’s net worth skyrocketed from deals between 2020 and 2024, however, Mulky Salum rode on the TV love chemistry.

Several photos posted reveal some chemistry between the two. Mulky reacted, saying it was just friendship, and nobody knows what the future holds.

In the new Bunji series on Azam TV, Isarito reveals that he understands Mulky better than in the previous episodes from Jua Kali.

In the Bunji series, Mulky portrays Hidaya, while Jua Kali portrays Femi. Isarito is the main actor in the Bunji series Jitu La Msituni, produced by Bona Vision Production. 

isarito and mulky photo
isarito and mulky photo

“Acting with Femi was the best thing I did in Jua Kali,” Isarito revealed.

“The connection in that series has totally changed my outlook. She is now on time. I have done over 20 movies with different actresses. 

“That was the primary reason we needed to travel to Bona Vision to produce Bunji.”

“I was playing the most disadvantaged man on Jua Kali as Lucas, while Mulky had everything performed as Femi,” Isarito explained.

lucas and femi on jua kali
lucas and femi on jua kali

Fans have been wondering and asking themselves: Who is Mulky Salum’s husband? Is she married? Who is Isarito Mwakalindile’s wife? Is Isarito dating Mulky Salum? 

Is Isarito dating Mulky?

The celebrities have kept the news secret, but it is not explicitly known; however, sources reveal that the duo has been sleeping together in some instances. 

Isarito Mwakalindile’s and Mulky Salum’s net worth

According to the Tanzania Entertainment Industry Index, Isarito’s net worth, after winning Best Actor of the Year in 2021 and Best East African Actor in 2023, has skyrocketed to approximately $400,000, with Mulky Salum surpassing him at $600,000.

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