Sophy Juakali’s real name Asfa Omary, reveals why Lamata forced her to remove her front teeth (video)

Jua Kali series actress Sophy reveals why she was forced to remove her front teeth as director Lamata wanted. Who is Sophy husband? 

lamata and sophy image
lamata and sophy image (1)

Leah Lamata, an award-winning producer of the Kapuni and Jua Kali series in Tanzania, faces accusations of harming Asfa Omary, also known as Sophy, due to her desire to participate in the Jua Kali series.

In a video, Asfa asserted that the Jua Kali series necessitated the removal of her teeth to fit the narrative. “Acting requires a heart; you have to do as stories require, now that the beautiful sister has no teeth,” Asfa stated in the video.

Leah Lamata, the award-winning film director, producer, story writer, and scriptwriter, required that Sophy visit the dentist and remove the front teeth.

lamata leah photo
lamata leah photo

The move reportedly sets her apart for upcoming Tanzanian telenovelas and Bongo movies at Lamata Village Entertainment Production.

“It was necessary for me to remove the two front teeth to act on several series that Lamata had proposed. Lamata wanted me to paint a real picture of life on television,” she said.

sophy jua kali
sophy jua kali

“Now, it’s beneficial for me. I’m just proud to have that gap in my upper jaw. I will continue making movies and shows because it is my calling,” she said. 

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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