Socialite Sheila Gashumba breaks up with Rickman Manrick as she re-unites with XXs

Socialite Sheila Gashumba beakup with her boyfriend Derrick Ddungu, better known as Rickman Manrick causes stir online. Socialite Sheila Gashumba reveals reasons behind break up.

socialite sheila gashumba
socialite sheila gashumba

Ugandan socialite Sheila Gashumba, who united the country after her leaks a few months ago, broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Rickman. 

Derrick Ddungu, better known as Rickman Manrick, and socialite Sheila Gashumba have ended their relationship.

Sheila, in an interview with Bana Africa, said that the couple has amicably decided to split ways after a journey together that was full of love, laughter, and personal development.

“We have arrived at an agreement to politely part ways, acknowledging that our journeys take different directions,” Sheila said.

sheila and rickman manrick photo
sheila and rickman manrick photo

Sheila flashed back on their time together and was appreciative of all they had experienced. “We are thankful for the wonderful times we have enjoyed being a couple,” she said.

As she moves on to this next phase of her life, Sheila has asked for space to concentrate on herself, her goals for the future, and the friendships that matter most to her.

“I am single and not looking for a new relationship at the moment,” she said. “Growing as an individual and achieving my professional objectives are my top priorities.”

During this time of change, she thanked their supporters and admirers for sticking with them and showing understanding. They spent three years together, publicising their relationship, which was typically joyful.

Now they’re breaking up. Earlier this year, they had discussed the possibility of a future commitment to each other.

However, the online statement did not specify the precise reasons for their separation.

Some members of the public were quick to criticise their connection, including Frank Gashumba, Sheila’s father. Gashumba boasted that his daughter’s lover looked like warlord Joseph Kony, was impoverished, and relied on her.

Last year, a leaked voice message from Mr. Gashumba’s daughter, Sheila, showed that she doesn’t value or pay attention to dad.

sheilla gashumb and rickman manrick photo
sheilla gashumb and rickman manrick photo

Sheila also does not give me her undivided attention. This is the outcome of everything I’ve done for her. According to him, she is squandering her youth.

According to Mr. Gashumba, Sheila brought him a partner who seemed unclean. One day, while dining at a restaurant in Nsambya, I discovered the scoundrel and his father. The scoundrel had Kony’s haircut, pierced ears, and a nose. Gashumba, you bring these kinds of people to me?” he railed. “Even if I die,” he said.

While Sheila was seeing Rickman, she dated Ali Marcus Lwanga, aka God’s Plan, who was married before and had children of her own. Sheila, who is also a businesswoman, wants to rekindle self-love and see what it can bring to her new life.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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