I have 3 baby daddies, 3 divorces! Socialite Amber Ray exposes to Betty Kyallo

amber ray and betty kyallo during amber interview
amber ray and betty kyallo during amber interview

In an interview with Betty Kyallo, Amber Ray stated that the reason individuals should always be together is not because of documents, but because of love.

On the other hand, she added that there is no concrete tie if there is no money involved.

“The reason why two people should be together is not because of paperwork or anything else; it should be because of love.” Conversely, financial resources should be readily available.

Amber remarked, “Yaani, the experiences I’ve had in my life are beyond anything I could have imagined that I could have ever imagined.”

Amber Ray said, “You are aware that I have been through three divorces,” and she was right.

Jimal Rohosafi, who is now serving as a member of parliament, was Amber Ray’s baby daddy while they were married.

betty and amber photo pose
betty and amber photo pose

She and her husband, Kennedy Rapudo, have one child together. She is now married to him.

“This was not something that we had planned to do so quickly… We had no intention of doing so, but once the paparazzi uncovered us, we felt compelled to come clean and admit that we were seeing one another,” she said.

Amber expressed her immense joy in Rapudo’s properly raised children from his previous marriages.

“It is not easy to be a mom, even to your own children alone, but that is what makes motherhood special.”

“When it comes to blended families, it is very difficult, but mine has been very smooth because the mothers do a very good job and those children are good,” Amber said. “These children are good.”

In the spotlight, it is really difficult to conceal the fact that you are dating someone. She concluded by saying, “It’s either you show him off or they will.”

A mutual friend introduced Amber Ray and Rapudo before they started dating.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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