Saida Boj’s Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok ban takes new twist, vows revenge

saida boj photo
saida boj photo

Influencer Saida Boj finally opened up after her ban from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. She has stated her will to never cease sharing her thoughts.

This widely recognised media personality had to deal with the fallout from her divisive remarks on the Honest Bunch show.

In response, she made it clear that she would continue creating new accounts if she faced another ban.

She also stressed that she would not retract her statements or stop advocating the same ideas that she originally put forward.

“You all rejoiced when my Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram accounts with millions of followers were suspended. However, I am here to stay, and I will create new accounts if you Nigerians are interested.”

As she finally returns, Saida BOJ says, “Use the same energy you all used to report all my accounts in mass to work hard in your life; N20 million will be a blessing in your family if you have a daughter like me.”

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Written by Betty Kalu

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