Ruby is sweet lady! Mose Iyobo praises wife after exchanging with Kusah for Aunty Ezekiel

Mose Iyobo wife Hellen Majeshi – Ruby – praised on Wasafi tv after dumping his baby Mama Aunty Ezekiel. Aunty Ezekiel was later moved on to Kusah, Ruby’s ex-husband.

tanzania artist ruby
tanzania artist ruby

Mose Iyobo explains how Ruby is better than his baby mama, Aunty Ezekiel. In a video, Mose explained that he loves Ruby so much and that she is sweet.

“Rose is a sweet woman. I love that woman to death,” Mose explained on Wasafi TV. Who is Ruby? Ruby is a top music star in Tanzania, according to the latest trends. 

ruby photo
ruby photo

Ruby and her ex-boyfriend Kusah had a longtime relationship, but later wrangles broke it. Kusah moved on to Aunty Ezekiel, who was Mose Iyobo’s wife. Mose Iyobo also moved on with Ruby, and they are happy.

Artist Hellen Majeshi, also known as Ruby, shared a photo of her baby daddy and former boyfriend, movie star Aunty Ezekiel Mose Iyobo, on social media.

She then expressed her deep love for him in a post that sparked speculation on the internet about their relationship status.

Ruby posted a photo of Mose Iyobo on her Instagram page to commemorate her birthday.

“Happy birthday, Daddy Cookie. I love you so much, and you know it.”

Keep in mind that Aunty Ezekiel currently has another son with Ruby’s ex-boyfriend, the artist Kusah. They are also fortunate to have one daughter together.

ruby at home
ruby at home

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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