Queen Linah’s husband, Dogo Janja, opens up about his latest struggles

Dogo Janja and wife Queen Linah marriage views. Queen Linah’s child with Dogo Janja was revealed to be the most important connection in their relationship. 

dogo janja and queen linnah top
dogo janja and queen linnah top

Hip-hop star Abdulaziz Chande, also known as Dogo Janja, shares his feelings for his current wife, Linah Honnah, also known as Queen Linah.

Dogo Janja claims that Queen Linah is the only woman who warms his heart, and he will never try to hurt her because of the joy she brings. 

Janjaro elaborated further, stating that his love is indescribable because there are times he wishes he could call all his ex-girlfriends and notify them how pleased he is.

“I can’t express everything, but it’s undeniable that I am in love, and in love again, right now.”

“This woman gives me everything I need, above and beyond respect. I get sincere love and many other things that men love from a woman. I regret that I did not do this earlier,” Dogo Janja said. 

The mother of one also praised the Kilegeze hitmaker, saying Dogo Janja is the best out of all the men she dated before. “Marrying Dogo Janja was the only move that I still think is the best. He is complete and loving,” she said. 

dogo janja and queen linah
dogo janja and queen linah

Dogo Janja welcomed their baby several weeks ago. The father of one also opened up about the extra-ordinary baby shower.

The baby shower was truly inspiring, and we express our gratitude to God for this precious gift. “It’s a wonderful kid, and soon we’ll pray to conquer the world in every aspect,” he said.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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