Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa who has never lost Bet banned from Betting

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa bets that it won him massively. Through a special prayer, Prophet Mutumwa reveals the secrets to winning bets. 

prophet emmanuel mutumwa
prophet emmanuel mutumwa

A number of casinos have banned Prophet Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the founder of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect in Zimbabwe, from placing bets after he claimed that supernatural intervention was the cause of his unbroken winning streak.

Recently, Mutumwa gained a lot of attention because he won $30,000 in a local casino. This was the biggest victory the facility had ever experienced, nearly doubling the previous record-holder.

Mutumwa claimed that this was the casino’s most significant gain ever recorded. “Nevertheless, other casinos prevented me from playing because of my enormous gains, which cut short my celebrations,he said.

“Apparently, they believe that because I am a prophet, I am able to obtain visions from God regarding the winning numbers. If I win an excessive number of times, they are afraid that if I win too many times, they will go bankrupt,” the man of God stated.

In spite of the prohibition, Mutumwa steadfastly defended his victories, highlighting the charitable work that he did with them.

He said that he had used the money he made from the casino to pay for the costs of attending school for members of the church and to provide finances for their startup businesses.

Furthermore, Mutumwa defended the ethical aspects of gambling, asserting that it can yield favourable results when practiced responsibly.

“God’s actions are always a mystery to humans. The victory was not the result of luck but rather a test of faith.

“The Lord answered my prayer for direction with a vision that revealed the numbers. Is it not a blessing to be able to use these winnings to boost the morale of my congregation?

In his explanation, he emphasised that responsible gambling can serve as a source of good fortune, enabling individuals to assist others.

“Many people also seek my spiritual assistance in order to improve their chances of winning at casino games, lottery games, or while placing bets.

“It is noteworthy that many of them have reported significant increases in their winnings since seeking my advice,” the prophet added.

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Written by Rama Chibunde

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