NTV Journalist Charles Muriithi recounts being beaten,  boss took his wife, lost job, now hawking watermelon

Charles Muriithi abruptly lost his job because his NTV boss snatched his wife, claiming to be extra-sweet. The NTV boss beat him badly and slept with his wife, resulting in his dismissal.

ntv jounalist charles muriithi photo
ntv jounalist charles muriithi photo

Charles Muriithi abruptly lost his job because his NTV boss wanted to smash his wife. The boss smacked his wife, and he got fired.

The sweetness continued until his wife filed for divorce. The seasoned jounalist Charles Muriithi now sells pineapples and watermelons on the streets.

Charles Muriithi, a seasoned photojournalist for Nation Media, NTV, lost his job as the Mt. Kenya regional cameraman after his boss began to quench his thirst in Muriithi’s “well.”

Muriithi was married, and he paid Dowry for his wife, who was also an NMG employee. They were a happy family until the boss tasted the honey pot.

Muriithi’s boss fired him after a confrontation, and his wife filed for divorce a few days later. He lost both his job and his wife.

The heated argument, which turned into a physical fight in a Nyeri Town entertainment spot, left Muriithi jobless as his boss took action against him. As a result, he lost both his wife and his job, a double tragedy for the young man from Kirinyaga.

He is now selling pineapples and watermelons on the streets of Nyeri town, Kirinyaga.

At NMG, the wife received a promotion and now drives high-end cars. Rumour has it that Muriithi’s wife has extraordinary taste.

“Where was all this sweetness?” sources heard the boss telling his close friend at a popular joint, Quiver Lounge.

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Written by Jared Karanja

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