More OnlyFans Alicia Kanini videos hits internet, leaving brother talking -VIDEO

Alicia Kanini’s brother finally speaks about how his sister’s viral Only Fans videos affected their mother’s mental health.

alicia kanini and brother
Alicia Kanini and brother

Alicia Kanini videos hit the internet at the start of 2024. Alicia Kanini initially appeared to have leaked the intimate videos, but it became clear later that she was in business.

Alicia Kanini’s videos started trending on social media, particularly on Telegram. After a week, Alicia announced that they were not leaked videos, but only fan videos.

Her grandfather also aired his views regarding his granddaughter’s mischievous behaviour, citing that it was her will. 

“I saw the video in which she dipped her hand inside her private parts while dancing. I also saw several videos of my granddaughter conducting an unbelievable move, swallowing big sticks like crazy,” he said. 

“That is her choice; let her be. There are no morals in Gen Z. Her mother has no room to hide. She was embarrassed by her daughter’s move. Wpo will marry her?” He posed a question.

Alicia Kanini’s brother finally speaks about how his sister’s viral Only Fans video affected their mother’s mental health. 

“Aliacha kuenda chama juu marafiki walikuwa wanaongelea hiyo story (she left going to table banking gatherings because members were always talking about it),” the brother explained.

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Written by Jared Karanja

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