Tiktoker Milky Bae Nalunga leaked videos trending after steamy session

Nalunga leaked videos cause mixed reactions online

nalunga photo
nalunga photo

The alleged Milky Bea video, which leaked online through popular Telegram leak channels, caused a stir. Nalunga, the popular Ugandan TikToker-leaked video, has been trending for more than a week. 

Milky Bae (also known as Nalunga65), a popular TikToker, has thousands of followers on her TikTok page, with her videos gaining hundreds of millions and sometimes thousands of views.

It then does not come as a surprise, as these steamy Ugandan celebrity videos have surfaced online with a massive following.

Many have pointed out that the women in the videos don’t look like Milky Bae but rather resemble each other. People expressed contrasting opinions about the appearance of the women in the leaked videos.

Nalunga Milky Bea leaked video.

The leaked “Milky Bae” video shows a woman without clothes filming herself as she plays with herself.

The video allegedly shows Milky Bae rubbing and teasing womenhood. She also plays with her fully protruding chest, showing how she feels about being with someone.

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