Meet Rorisang Thandekiso, South African celebrity who is still virgin at 33

Meet South Africa virgin celeb Rorisang Thandekiso, 33, saying, I’ve been saving myself for marriage, the first man who sleeps with me must also be the last and only.”

rorisang thandekiso
rorisang thandekiso

Meet Rorisang Thandekiso, a South African media personality who is still a virgin at 33. Fans applaud her for maintaining her virginity for such a long time, especially in the hypersexualized entertainment industry.

In her own words, “I’ve been saving myself for marriage; the first man who sleeps with me must also be the last and only.”

This isn’t something you usually hear from modern women, especially celebrities.

The media often fails to highlight the positive aspects of these women, instead focusing on the negative. Those who promote promiscuity and/or prostitution,

A woman is most beautiful when she remains untouchable by other men. To be a positive role model for young girls, you must preserve and love yourself.

Fans comment, “This is a unique perspective from modern women, particularly celebrities.” In an industry where scandals and hookups are as common as selfies, Rorisang stands out as a refreshing example of abstinence.

Rorisang Thandekiso, 33 who is still virgin
Rorisang Thandekiso, 33 who is still virgin.

Many men say they want to marry a virgin only after sleeping with numerous other women. The hypocrisy and double standard of some men are nauseating.

However, prior to her story, Kelly Khumalo revealed her virginity, a revelation that was met with ridicule from some men in the entertainment industry where she grew up.

Fans responded to her move by saying, “Pitty, even if she gets laid at this point… ” Her pelvic floor will be too low to deliver children. She would have to have a C-section. She has 5 years until she can’t have kids anymore; it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be anytime soon.”

Luke Magayo reacted: “The sad part is that there is a guy out there who is going to pretend to love her and marry her, all with the aim of sleeping with her and scoring some ego points, then wrecking her heart. The world is cruel and uninterested in your kindness.

“Rorisang Thandekiso’s commitment to her values in an industry that often challenges them is truly commendable. Her choice is a powerful statement of self-respect and personal conviction. She’s indeed an inspiring figure for many! Wow.”

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Written by Rama Chibunde

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