Meet actress Bonang Matheba, 36, who is still single and childless despite dating hundreds rich men

Meet Bonang Matheba, 36, South African media personality who is still single and childless. Who is Bonang Matheba’s husband? What is her net worth?

bonang matheba new man revealed
bonang matheba new man revealed

Meet Bonang Matheba, a 36-year-old South African media personality who is still unmarried, childless, and popular among African celebrities.

She takes pride in it, revealing on the show Young, Famous, and African (even though she isn’t young) how she has dated the biggest celebrities in Africa.

The media adores her because she inspires millions of naive young girls to adopt this bold lifestyle. And somehow, the experts wonder how HIV/STD rates, teen pregnancies, single motherhood, and human trafficking numbers continue to rise.

However, fans had their say regarding the option selected. 

“Bonang Matheba is not an influencer. She is not an Instagram hun. She did not BBL. She is actually a talented, hardworking woman with a serious body of work behind her. She bothers no one and cares about her business. She never appears on any platform and begins to criticise men.

bonang matheba
bonang matheba

“I agree with you on most of the things you post, but this time you are wrong. This lady chose the life she lives, and she doesn’t bother anyone. If she chooses not to be married and not to have kids, that’s her life. I’m pretty sure the show she was on has an age restriction,” @s_bugs said.

“She’s a female alpha who, not ready to settle, makes her own money, minding her own business. When the table turns on Andrew Tate, it’s okay.

“You forget that the same society that is hyping you up here is also quick to accord her respect when she eventually settles down, addressing her as Mrs. Nhingi.” These individuals are your followers on Twitter and influencers on this platform. Your opinions don’t matter in the end,” Roseweibosso responded to X.

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