Lulu Diva’s ex-husband, Lavalava, reveals that all holes were ‘open’ while dating Lulu

Who is the current Lulu Diva husband? The mother of one is still single from two marriages; Lavalava and Rich Mavoko.

lulu diva
lulu diva

Lavalava, a Wasafi Classic Baby artist, reveals why she dumped Lulu Diva as his favourite girlfriend among all the exes he had.

Lavalava explains that he found Lulu with all the paths open. He said, “Lulu Sikumkuta Bikra, Nilikumkuta njia zote ziko wazi (I didn’t find Lulu, Virgin; I found all the paths were open).

In an interview with Bana Africa, Lavalava explains that Lulu Diva was the girl of his life and had all the qualities he needed. However, her overuse had reached a point where she could no longer support him.

On her side, Lulu Diva opened up, saying the only man she loved the most between Rich Mavoko and Lavlava was Lavalava. 

The Jua Kali series actress says Lavalava was the best because he did everything to make her happy, and it was unfortunate for him to dump her. 

Lulu explained that she was not afraid of sharing her thoughts because she was married and had enough experience. “I’m not scared because no one will bring bread to my table. My hand is waiting to put the bread in my mouth. I’m not afraid anymore.” She added, “That’s me.”

Here is the video of the initial interview with Lavalava.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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