Like Kingdom wedding! Gladness Kifaluka opens up about lit Comedia Ringo Sabufa wedding plans

gladness kifaluka on ringo wedding plan
gladness kifaluka on ringo wedding plan

The Tanzanian media industry is organising a one-of-a-kind wedding. Top comedians and influencers are spearheading the extra-ordinary wedding.

According to the organizing committee, the Comedia Ringo Sabufa wedding will likely go down as one of the greatest weddings in Tanzanian history.

Speaking to the media, comedian Gladness Kifaluka stated that the committee has been well organised to ensure the success of comedian Ringo Sabufa’s wedding. That’s why it will have a unique appearance.

They chose to collaborate with AFA Weddings because of their knowledge and expertise in bridal dress sewing.

He has refuted people’s assertions that a wedding is not a drama that everyone can partake in, and that’s precisely what they mean when they opt for a different style.

Masanatula, the treasurer of the committee, added that he still needs donations, and he has also requested that all those who wish to contribute still have the opportunity to send their contributions.

The committee is expected to raise money within a short period of time to enable the Kingdom to have a wedding for the popular comedian. 

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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