Judith Sephuma marries Sibusiso Mazibuko, Jazz singer, meets gym instructor

Mother of five, popular Jazzy singer Judith Sephuma marry young gym instructor Sibusiso Mazibuko

judith sephuma finds love
judith sephuma finds love

Young people need to have a discussion about gym men, especially the instructors; a majority of them are just buffed-up simps. Their muscular flex is a testament to what women want. 

Gym instructors have been known to snack on the wives of prominent individuals. For this woman, who has five children, it is no different.

This elderly woman, award-winning jazz singer Judith Sephuma, is a musician who has given birth to five children, three of whom are with one man and the other two with another. She has allegedly found love again in the arms of this muscular man.

She has expressed that since this young, muscular, financially unstable person entered her life, she has felt a renewed sense of aliveness. The woman has successfully regained her rhythm.

The question is, do these broke-ass gym dudes who keep these old women delusional in exchange for gym supplements, transport, and accommodations really know what they’re signing up for?

These old women only end up draining the life out of these young men. By the time an old woman finishes with you, you’ll be a finished man.

These relationships are not sustainable and are usually very disingenuous, leaving both parties unfulfilled. In this stage of life, they’ve accepted life. A struggling fitness coach falls in love with a senior mother of five divorcees.

Problems arise when a man decides to pursue a career in pumping iron and being buff, as there is no distinction between these individuals and those who dress up for a living.

Judith and Sibusiso

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Written by Rama Chibunde

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