Is Njuzu still married? Monalisa Zulu reveals new boyfriend after onlyfans leaks and having child

Who is Socialite Monalisa ‘Njuzu’ Zulu husband? Njuzu broke up with Trevor now dating father of her baby and South African businessman

Monalisa Njuzu photo
Monalisa Njuzu photo

Socialite Monalisa “Njuzu” Zulu, expressed her concern after she considered shutting down her OnlyFans channel in response to the pressure from her followers.

After posting her story on Instagram, which moved many people on social media, the socialite soared to prominence and became much more famous.

Men have accused Monalisa of wooing their partners, despite the fact that they are familiar with each other via onlyfans channels.

After videos of her then-husband, Trevor ‘Hell Commander’, appeared online in 2021, Monalisa Zulu became a social media sensation.

The revelations came as a complete surprise to her close friend, Rendani Nari. On the other hand, just a few weeks after the event, Monalisa snatched her lover, Jaystar, which caused a stir on the internet.

Njuzu rose to prominence and became a star in the entertainment industry after joining a love triangle with socialite Trevor “Hell Commander” Mbizvo and Ginimbi’s former manager, Ms. Shally.

Social media users publicly shared her bedroom films during the same time period, leading to accusations that she had stolen a watch from her ex-boyfriend, Serge Caponge, a Congolese boy living in South Africa. The watch had a value exceeding R1 million.

The socialite Njuzu gave birth in 2023, and rumors have it that another man, who allegedly bought her a Mercedes Benz, was responsible for the pregnancy.

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