I cheated death! Tryson Chimbetu talks about his death, leaving fans crying

tryson chimbetu photo in studio
tryson chimbetu photo in studio

Tryson Chimbetu, a prominent artist, has been a drug addict for a considerable amount of time, but he is now making a comeback. Even though he’s a major gospel voice, the Dendera artist has been fighting his drug problem.

Musician Tryson Chimbetu has recently garnered significant attention due to his struggles with drug and substance misuse.

However, by collaborating with the development agency Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation Trust (Zinestt) on a campaign to prevent drug misuse, he has made a significant transformation in his life. This has resulted in a beneficial improvement.

Over the course of an interview with Bana Africa, Tyrson Chimbetu disclosed the circumstances that led to his addiction to drugs.

In an interview that took place in Harare, Tryson said that the government has a significant role in the process of regulating and limiting the use of drugs within a nation. The following is what he stated during the interview: “I believe that God changes people.”

“My brother and I had a disagreement about music.” The family’s status quo is one of the most important factors contributing to the prevalence of drug addiction.

He continued by suggesting that a wife, mother, brother, father, uncle, nephew, or any other individual could be the source of the turmoil in an individual’s life.

During a recent gig that took place at Club Joy Centre in the Highfield area of Harare, Standard Style did an interview with him on the margins of the event.

Following his near-death experience with drug and substance misuse, Chimbetu expressed his sincere thankfulness for the fact that he is still alive and in good health.

In his words, “I have personal experience with the negative consequences of drug and substance abuse, and I am aware of the damage that it can cause.”

“As a result, both your relationships and your health suffer. Given the rarity of such luck, I am deeply grateful for my survival and the opportunity to share my story.

“As a result, I have formed a partnership with the Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation Trust in order to carry out some continuing awareness efforts,” he told Style.

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Written by Rama Chibunde

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