Huba actress Asha Salum Kidoa (Tima) Net worth, from video vixen to top Tanzanian celeb

Famously known as Tima wa Huba, Asha Salum Kidoa from video vixen with Nay Wa Mitego to top Bongo Movie star. What is Tima (Asha Salum) net worth?

kidoa salum alias tima on huba
kidoa salum alias tima on huba

Asha Salum Kidoa is an inspiring and empowering person from the Swahilihood series “Huba,” in which she performs under the stage name Tima, broadcasting on Maisha Magic Bongo DSTV channel. Asha Salum Kidoa estimated a net worth of about $100,000. according to the Tanzanian economic index.

Her path from a young child growing up in a dangerous environment to an ambitious farmer and peer educator is proof of her tenacity and willpower.

For many girls who want to discover their calling in life, Asha’s contagious grin, which she wears with pride, is a ray of hope.

(Tima)Asha Kidoa Salum video vixen and husband

Her family is mixed-race, and she began her career as a video vixen in many hits before turning to acting. 

asha kidoa salum alias tima wa huba
asha kidoa salum alias tima wa huba

When well-known musician Nay Wa Mitego claimed to have slept with her in order to gain favour in the music business, she became controversial. 

According to the information she disclosed in interviews, she enjoys the joys of parenthood with a daughter, who represents a pivotal moment in her life.

Asha chose to follow her aspirations and adopted a forward-thinking outlook on life, which led to the breakdown of her relationship with her fiancé and the father of her kid.

Her role in “Huba” has elevated her profile, allowing her to show off her skills and add to the story of power, money, greed, and witchcraft, in which love ultimately proves to be the only means of survival.

Many people who find themselves at the intersection of tradition and contemporary goals may relate to Asha’s tale of overcoming obstacles and grabbing possibilities.

asha kidoa salum alias tima 1
asha kidoa salum alias tima 1

As Grace Mapunda’s in-law, and married to Rammy Gallis, Asha had a crucial role and excellent spotlight in the Swahili telenovel.

Since its premiere, the enthralling Tanzanian Swahili telenovela “Huba” has attracted a devoted fan base.

The Maisha Magic Bongo series deftly tells the story of two rival families caught up in a never-ending struggle for dominance.

Huba on Maisha Magic bongo DSTV channel

The complex plot of “Huba” centres on themes of money, greed, and the corrupting effects of power, all of which contrast with the tenacity of genuine love, which represents all hope in a society where sinister impulses rule.

The show’s genius extends beyond its captivating plot; it also includes a number of well-known Bongo entertainment industry veterans and has the ability to transform new Tanzanian faces into overnight celebrities.

The seventh season’s casting of award-winning Tanzanian singer-songwriter Nandy, who plays a vocalist trying to negotiate the perilous seas of love and treachery, adds a new level of mystery.

“Huba’s” broad popularity and excellent production by Lulu Hassan’s Jiffy Pictures make it the longest-running Swahili telenovela in Tanzania.

The drama, suspense, and romance that each episode offers will keep viewers engrossed in the developing story of love, power, and survival.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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