How Dj Zinhle wishing her late husband Happy Fathers Day 2024 disrespectful to current husband Bongz

Dj Zinhle husband Bongz criticised for being step father as wife wishes her late husband happy fathers day 2024.

dj zinhle and husband bongz
dj zinhle and husband bongz

Fans defend DJ Zinhle for wishing her late baby daddy a joyful Father’s Day, asserting Bongz accepts his role as stepfather.

Dj Zinhle wishing her late baby daddy, AkA, a joyful Father’s Day is in no way disrespectful to her current husband, Bongz.

Men who become stepfathers deeply understand and accept their inferiority to the baby daddy. When a man marries a single mother, he accepts that his only opportunity for mating and reproducing is by caring for another man’s sperm.

At this point, people should leave this couple alone; they both understand the arrangement. Bongz knows his role; he is successful at being the option, and in return, he gets scheduled intimacy.

Choosing to be a stepdad is one thing. It happened a lot back then, because single motherhood was the exception, not the rule.

dj father
dj father

But having your wife call up her (dead) baby daddy in public is disrespectful, no matter how you cut it. Zinhle should have kept her mouth shut in public.

Critics, however, contend that no stepfather should receive the same respect as a father. He should go and start up his own family and leave another man’s household alone. Men don’t join another man’s family; they build, create, and make their own.

What do you think?

Written by Rama Chibunde

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