Gogo Skhotheni reveals why her second husband used to beat her

gogo skhoteni photo in south africa
gogo skhoteni photo in south africa

In accordance with the advice of her ancestors, actress and musician Gogo Skhotheni, whose real name is Tumi Motsoeneng, disclosed that she had married a second husband who went by his maiden name, Sibusiso.

Additionally, Gogo Skhotheni admitted that physical violence had exploited her, leaving her with both emotional and physical scars.

The abuse had a long-lasting effect on her mental health, causing her to experience stress and dread even years after the traumatic events that she had experienced.

Uninevitably, the story of Gogo Skhotheni is not an isolated incident; many people all over the world continue to suffer in silence as a result of abusive relationships within their own homes.

The statistics indicate that a significant number of men and women will experience physical abuse at some point in their lives.

The effects of this abuse frequently extend beyond the scope of the immediate aftermath of the violence.

The road to recovery is a long and difficult one for many survivors, including Gogo Skhotheni, and it requires a significant amount of support from loved ones, professionals, and community resources.

“We must break the silence around this issue and create a safe space where people can come forward and seek help in order to raise awareness and support abuse survivors,” she said.

Gogo Skhotheni is also motivating others to speak out and seek assistance in order to break free from the cycle of violence in which she currently finds herself trapped.

Gogo Skhotheni, a sangoma, DJ, and reality TV personality, revealed on her Instagram account that she had been the victim of physical abuse.

Despite the fact that she admitted to having bruises on her face, she chose not to share any pictures of them in order to protect her children from seeing them.

Assault is an adverse impact that can make one feel as though it is a normal part of life, and Gogo Skhotheni courageously spoke out about the trauma she passed through.

She stated that abuse is a destructive force. In spite of the ordeal, she expressed her gratitude for the fact that she was still alive.

She disclosed in a series of posts that the abuse was responsible for the damage that occurred to two of her mobile phones. She also shared screenshots of conversations that she had with her abuser, in which she expressed her excruciating pain.

It is difficult to speak about these kinds of delicate topics in public, according to Gogo Skhoteni, because it can lead to judgement and criticism from other people.

This is true, even though there are challenges involved. Specifically, she emphasised the significance of giving personal struggles some serious consideration before opening up about them, as well as the stigma that is associated with discussing such matters.

gogo skhoteni photo
gogo skhoteni photo

According to Gogo Skhotheni, who is married to Monde Shange, she had previously disclosed that her relationship had been going through a difficult period, but she later disclosed that they had reconciled.

She revealed the strain their son’s health issues had placed on their marriage, bringing them dangerously close to divorce. However, they were able to triumph over the challenges and deepen their connection with one another.

Gogo Skhotheni revealed, in a shocking turn of events, that she had married a second husband named Sibusiso, in accordance with the advice that she had received from her grandmother and grandfather.

She felt a sense of strength in confronting the norms of society, despite the fact that her husband Monde was against the practice of polygamy.

In spite of the fact that she did not actually have multiple partners, she admitted that the concept of carrying around various relationships added intensity to her relationship with Monde.

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