Freddie Moves: Abel Mutua and Sarah Hassan in a forced kiss scene, leaving podcasters discussing

Abel Mutua and Sarah Hassan forcing kiss takes another turn. Abel Mutua and Sarah Hassan love affair began in Tahidi High when they were tenagers.

abel mutua with sarah hassan photo top
abel mutua with sarah hassan photo top

On TikTok, fans are roasting Kenyan actor turned content creator Abel Mutua, who rose to fame as ‘Freddie’ on the iconic high-school drama series “Tahidi High,” for allegedly using his scriptwriting position to force a kiss scene with actress Sarah Hassan, who played ‘Tanya’ on the action-packed TV show that attracted a cult-like following.

This backlash follows claims that the self-proclaimed “Mkurugenzi” appeared to set up the scene in an act of revenge after Sarah Hassan reportedly turned down his romantic advances.

Mutua admitted this during a recent appearance on a local podcast. Since their time at Tahidi High, the content creator has been searching for ways to enjoy Sarah Hassan’s fruit.

According to reports, Sarah turned down his advances and eventually got married. Mutua rubbed shoulders with the secret admirer.

Netizens aired their reactions to the episode that Mutua and Sarah created. 

abel mutua with sarah hassan photo
abel mutua with sarah hassan photo

“That’s so lame as a script writer, even though we know all of them pull stunts like this or something close to it,” Tinga said on X.

“This woman is bitter for nothing. A local man is a go-getter. Either you act and get paid or not; otherwise, I think there is always a compensation fee for that. Women express their opinions even in the absence of statistical data, as Kabyan stated on Facebook.

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Written by Jared Karanja

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