Flaqo repossess car bought for ex-girlfriend Keranta, gifts his new girlfriend Lily

A tiktoker reacts to Flaqo being exposed on bana gossip for taking back the car he bought for his ex girlfriend Keranta.

flaqo with his girlfriend keranta
flaqo with his girlfriend keranta

TikTokers responded to the news that Flaqo had repossessed the car he had bought for his ex-girlfriend, Keranta.

The content creator Flaqo and his partner Keranta have not explicitly rejected or acknowledged the rumour that they have broken up, despite the fact that it has been circulating for quite some time.

Flaqo, however, is reportedly dating a third woman, following rumours of her separation from Keranta.

Many internet users have recognised the resemblance between the star and his girlfriend, Keranta, due to a viral video featuring content producer Flaqo and a woman who uses the TikTok handle @lil.shawrie.

flaqo new girlfriend
Flaqo’s new girlfriend

Anne Tracy, Flaqo’s ex-girlfriend, expressed her grief at having to part ways with the comic after witnessing his extraordinary rise to fame.

During the year 2016, Anne and Flaqo started a romantic relationship on Facebook, which eventually developed into a serious partnership.

This was the first public revelation about Flaqo’s girlfriend. Rumours suggest she shifted her focus to Flaqo’s friends, yet this claim remains unsubstantiated.

In spite of the fact that their romantic relationship came to an end, the two will continue to be friends, and Flaqo will even assist her in raising her child.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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