DNA test reveals Ex-Man City striker Kayode Olarenwaju is not the biological father of his 3 only children

kayode olarenwaju with family
kayode olarenwaju with family

A former Manchester City player, Kayode Olarenwaju, was shocked after learning that all children are not his biological kids. The former Nigerian footballer is now heartbroken and feels wounded. 

After learning that his three children, Jason, Jayden, and Jamin, are not his biological offspring, Kayode Olanrewaju, a former striker for Manchester City, is presently dealing with a predicament that is very upsetting to him.

The news has generated a great deal of controversy on the internet, with netizens having mixed feelings and reactions.

The footballer’s wife, Dora Ezinne Kayode, faced accusations of deceiving him about her age, committing fraud, and allegedly engaging in a romantic relationship with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

He made these allegations against her. The purported relationship has horrified both the football community and the religious community. The revelation of the alleged relationship has horrified both parties.

kayode olanrewaju with family photo
kayode olanrewaju with family photo

The pastor that Dora has been having intimate relationships with is the father of his three children, according to allegations that are making headlines on the internet.

Users of social media platforms flock in droves to the comment area to express their opinions.

“The gender who wants the most faithful men 😂, dey pla   If youlike,e let love enter your head and don’t do DNA as soon as your woman isn bor;, your eyes wille go peel like mango.”

“A pathetic story that could affect the mental stability of this man for life. What exact explanation can this woman give for treating a supposed loved one in this terrible way? God should just show both of them mercy if He wishes,” said another on X.

“And if you look very well, none of the children resemble the guys. Sad, but if I were him, I would accept the children and take them as mine. Life goes on,” another posted on X.

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