After being dumped by Eve Mungai, Director Trevor and She Kemunto are dating

trevor and she kemunto
trevor and she kemunto

Director Trevor is reportedly having an affair with She Kemunto, a social media personality. This comes just a few months after his public separation from Mungai Eve. Trevor and Kemunto dating rumours surfaced online after being dumped by Eve.

This new turn of events is a shock to a large number of followers who have been following Trevor’s life and career with great interest.

A recent social media video shows Trevor and Kemunto in a cosier setting, both wearing identical outfits.

During an advertising clip shoot, Kemunto enthusiastically referred to Trevor as her spouse, which was a clear indication of the connection between the two.

She also encouraged her followers to visit both her Instagram page and Trevor’s profile in order to get more information, which added energy to the fire of rumours over the state of their romantic lives.

In the past, Trevor was once in a committed relationship with Mungai Eve, who was also a digital designer.

Over the course of almost five years, they recorded their collaboration, which included personal as well as work aspects.

On the other hand, Trevor provided confirmation of their breakup via a series of Instagram Stories on February 19, 2024.

He made the announcement that he had assumed total oversight of their joint YouTube channel, which signified the end of a period in which the two individuals had worked together to produce videos.

Her admirers on Instagram have recently posted numerous personal disclosures by She Kemunto, who has established herself as a lively and interesting social media figure, leading to significant media coverage.

By providing a view into the intimate lives of a large number of Kenyans via these revelations, which she maintains are genuine and vetted, she has become a prominent character in the world of social media.

During an open and honest conversation, Kemunto discussed her personal experience, disclosing that she fell pregnant not long after she graduated from high school. 

Her decision to prioritise her child’s upbringing over her studies had a significant impact on both her life and her professional path.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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