Dancer Korra Obidi: I have many boys who screw me and finish my feelings [VIDEO]

Korra Obidi says she has several men who quench her sexual thirsty. The dancer says she does not want a husband now.

korra obidi
korra obidi

Despite the fact that she is no longer married to her ex-husband, Justin Dean, Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has said that she has no plans to search for a new relationship.

She said that she appears more concerned about generating income.

The mother of two stated in the newest episode of the podcast “Heroe’s Diary” that she is not worried about remarrying because she has “many boys” who can satisfy her sexual desires.

She made the statement, “When I marry a serious Nigerian man, it becomes my life.” 

“Now, I am attempting to channel that energy into earning money so that I do not find myself in the same situation as I did before. Given that I know no one is going to come to my rescue, it is imperative that I focus on generating income.

In addition, Obidi expressed her disapproval of the acts of individuals who are attempting to blame her for the failure of her marriage, pointing out that it has been more than two years since she divorced.

I would like to convey a public service message. This is not the only person who has tied the knot in Nigeria; there are more. My marriage wasn’t even open to the public at the time. 

The only thing that you did see was a single post on Instagram that said, “Korra is taken.” 

At this point, it’s you who are bearing the marital burden. We have finalised my divorce for a period of two years. Thank you for leaving me alone. Like a $1 note, I am completely alone. I am not looking for anything. Many of my sons are currently serving me.

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