Couple Kyle and Brianna join OnlyFans with new videos, saying Kenyans refused to support them

Kyle and Brianna onlyfans video gathers massive following after kenyans refused to support them

kyle and brianna photo
kyle and brianna photo

Kyle and Brianna, an online sibling couple, have opened an Only Fans account due to a lack of support from Kenyans, and they have already released the first video.

Fans are reportedly not watching the couple’s videos on social media or YouTube, indicating that they miss their online presence. The couple thought about venturing on OnlyFans, as there is massive cash flow in the videos. 

Kenyan Siblings Kyle and Brianna have decided to unite Kenyans by starting OnlyFans because Kenyans refused to support them.

The move comes after Kyle and Brianna, the controversial couple who claim to be siblings in love, announced they’re expecting their first child.

The couple stated in an interview with Bana Africa that their lifestyle, poverty, and online presence forced them to relocate.

“You see, we want our kids to have a good life and better living conditions.” Ensure that the quality of life consistently improves. People have kids, and life deteriorates.

“We want to move our lives to an online presence and profit from it.” Our daily activities will be online. 

“We are progressing positively, contrary to popular belief.” Numerous individuals are profiting solely from their fan base. Why not us?” the couple concluded. 

The couple has elicited mixed reactions online. Netizens believe the couple needs character development and support because they may end up going in the wrong direction, impacting their children’s lives.

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Written by Jared Karanja

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