Comedian Masatu Ndaro’s girlfriend, Cappucino Tunda, praises him for being ” perfect match” with daughter Lolla

Comedia Masatu Ndaro ready to marry Cappucino Tunda. Tunda Cappucino net worth doubles after being in a relationship with Masatu Ndaro. What comedian Masatu Ndaro net worthy and biography? 

masatu ndaro with tunda capuccino
masatu ndaro with tunda capuccino

Comedia Masatu Ndaro, also known as Mjeshi Kikofia, is currently dating Sebastian Tunda, also known as Cappuccino. Ndaro says he is content with how she responds to love. 

Speaking to Bana Africa, Tunda claims that Ndaro has been cooler than her previous boyfriends. Tunda, a businesswoman and mother of one daughter, claims that love has taken a different turn with Ndaro.

Cappucino Tunda daughter

Cappuccino said Lolla has been a wonderful girl to her father, Mjeshi, and it will be great if they get another child. 

“It is beneficial to be loved. I’m now looking to have a child with him. I have heard a lot of people advise me to settle down completely and forget roaming around with different tastes.

masatu ndaro instagram
masatu ndaro instagram

“He is the perfect man for me. My daughter is all that gives me peace. When you combine that with the presence of the man, home becomes a completely peaceful place. Tunda Cappucino said this in an interview with Rama Chibunde in Dar.

Tunda was rumoured to be dating Diamond Platnumz in 2018, after Zari dumped the Bongo star. Tunda and her then-boyfriend, singer Whozu, dismissed the allegation, saying it was because of Wasafi.

Sebastian Tunda is a Tanzanian socialite, video vixen, and public figure. She worked at Wasafi before leaving and dating Clouds TV presenter Casto Dickson. 

cappucino tunda
cappucino tunda

Many people became familiar with Tunda Cappucino after she claimed to be carrying Diamond’s baby. The bongo artist’s involvement with Hamisa further complicated her relationship with him.

Tunda Cappucino’s net worth

Tunda, who was born in July 1992, has an estimated net worth of $300,000 (Tsh 700 million). She has dated bigwigs in Tanzania and is now looking forward to settling with a well-known comedian. 

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Written by Rama Chibunde

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