Citizen TV 10 over 10 host Azeezah Hashim ranked as most beautiful media personality of the year

It is hard to find Azeezah Wanjiru Hashim tribeswomen beautiful as stated by her husband Jackson Makini alias CMB Prezzo. Also Kenyan men have identified Citizen TV’s Azeezah Hashim as the most attractive media personality.

azeezah hashim photo
azeezah hashim photo

According to Kenyan media enthusiasts, Jackson Makini’s wife, Azeezah Hashim, is the most stunning media personality of the year.

The most beautiful media personality, according to Kenyan men, is Azeezah Hashim of Citizen TV.

Azeezah Hashim, the former NTV Teen Republic host and radio broadcaster from California, is all too familiar with this fact. The majority of her fans assert that her beauty surpasses that of the dozens of female presenters in 2024.

She has had nothing but bad luck in romances ever since she rose to fame. She has gone through the pain of betrayal by friends and family, as well as trolling.

But it seems that seasoned rapper CMB Prezzo has won her heart. Live on broadcast, Prezzo proposed to Azeezah on Valentine’s Day. Yes, Azeezah responded, much to everyone’s amazement.

azeezah hashim on citizen tv
azeezah hashim on citizen tv

Famous for her deep baritone voice, Azeezah spoke out to Nairobi News about how relationships have been a constant source of stress for her ever since she gained fame.

“Fame has cost me a lot of friendships and, at times, pickles with family because of what blogs occasionally put out,” she said.

“The stereotypes that come with being a woman in the entertainment industry have also cost me a couple of love relationships,” she remarked.

azeezah hashim at her home
azeezah hashim at her home

Scream 2024 named her the year’s top-screen personality. After winning CMB Prezzo, she demonstrated her courage and glamour by hosting 10 over 10 on Citizen TV.

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