Actress Fridah Kajala Masanja exposes ex-husband Harmonize, “He displayed manhood to my daughter Paula”

Frida Kajala exposes husband Harmonize over intimate photos with Paula. Paula now married to Marioo.

frida kajala photo ~ insta (1)
frida kajala photo ~ insta (1)

Actress Fridah Kajala Masanja appeared to regret her decision to return romantically to her husband Harmonize in 2022 after breaking up in 2021.

In a video that has re-emerged from a reality show in which she and her daughter Paula were talking about various issues surrounding their lives known as ‘Behind the Gram’ through Emerald TV, the clip shows Kajala making a statement of regret for the move.

In his words, Kajala said that she is now realising that she made a big mistake in pursuing love by going back to Harmonize, despite the fact that what made him break up with her was the case of him [Harmonise] trying to seduce Paula’s daughter when they were still in love.

Kajala expressed her inability to forgive herself for returning to Harmonize despite her attempt to seduce her daughter.

“Even though I remembered the day we were there, I went back to the man who had thrown pictures of his manhood at my daughter, and I slept with her again.”

“I recall that I struggled to get a good night’s sleep due to Paula’s insomnia, forcing me to spend the entire night on my lap.”

“Remembering that day, I see that I cared about love more than my child, and I can never forgive myself; I can’t,” he said.

However, their engagement did not last long, as they broke up six months later after returning to Harmonize and performing in Tafrija Mlimani City in June 2022.

Subsequently, Paula began dating the artist Marioo, and they welcomed a baby girl together a few months ago, while Harmonise found a new partner named Poshy Queen.

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Written by Sandra Otieno

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